Three Lakes Resort Directions
(218) 495-2849

From Hwy 210 & 78 drive north through Battle Lake
(you may want to pick up bread, milk, etc at Larry's)

From Hwy 78 get to Hwy 72 (Ottertail Lake) and drive along the edge of the lake.  When you come to a stop sign there will be a corner store (fishing license, etc) on the north and Graystone lodge (local bar) on the south, turn left.  It does not show it on the map, but you will go a short way (3/4 mile) and then need to turn right, then left to join Hwy 1.  Travel west on Hwy 1 about one mile and then turn left at a gravel road (small white sign with Coca-Cola that says Three Lakes Resort).  This is also the same turn for Wispering Waters Resort.  If you go over a bridge you have gone too far.  Drive past the run down miniture golf course on the right and take the first left.  Follow one lane dirt road about 1/2 mile until you see Three Lakes Resort Sign (and Nebraska License plates on Cars).  You're there!!